Shanghai Film Art Academy (SFAA) is a college specialized on Arts and certificated by Cultural Minister and Shanghai Municipal Government. It locates in Zhangjiang High-Tech Area, only 800 meters away from Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Metro station with a planned area of 400mu. It is admitting students throughout the nation with the present size of 2400.

As a trial unit for co-construction on Higher Education on Arts, SFAA is boasting many senior professionals and experts in the field of film-making, animation, design, dancing and music. We base our education not only on heightening our students' textbook knowledge but on the comprehensive capacity and personal quality, carrying out some reformation and putting new ideas into higher education of art, stressing on the combination of arts and high-tech, orienting our courses to application, then producing the market-satisfied graduates. The international exchange is also being paid a lot of attention to. Now we have or is being cooperated with some art schools and some professional agencies in other foreign countries. With the development of our school's internationalization, we will make great promotion in degree education,academic and professionals exchange projects cooperation etc.

The new campus of our school is now under construction. With the time coming, there will be six film studios with high technology in the new campus (The area will be 24,000 square meters),which will make our school become the gather place of teaching and learning in TV and Film production. It will promote the connection between the teaching and the real production to build the specific teaching.

Since the foundation of our school, we have been obtaining great support from both national and local governments in terms of scientific research projects, subjects construction, international exchange, talent training etc. Our school is also being approved widely due to the achievement we got in these fields. Our school will take advantage of our comprehensive resources and the construction of cultural metropolis of Shanghai to catch the opportunities and stick to the principle of combination of producing, learning and developing. We will try our best to improve the reformation of learning and build a highland in professional performance and digital technology in the new era, also a producing base of original creative culture and spreading fronts of harmonious culture.

ADD:Darwin Road 188, Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Shanghai, China
TEL: 86-21-50271101

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